mMITRA in assocation with Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA)

mMITRA will enrol 1 million women, in the next three years through the partnership with NGOs, government hospitals, maternity homes and Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS).


Women in the community are enrolled by the Sakhis and in the hospitals, the health supervisors enrol the women who come for their antenatal check up, through registration forms.
The registration form includes four important details which are required in order to make the vice calls timed and targeted and ensure Behavior Change Communication(BCC) is effective. The women are enquired about their gestational age, the choice of time slot when it would be most convenient for them to receive the voice call, the language in which they would prefer to hear the call and their personal or alternative phone number. 
These details are a requisite for the technology system to send out timed and targeted. They are timed according to the women's gestational age and provide her with relevant information at the particular stage of pregnancy and/or age of the infant. 

Missed Call facility
We have set up a mMitra call centre which comprises of a team for quality control and assurance, as well as two women counselors. The beneficiaries are requested to give a missed call to certain numbers under a set of particular circumstances. She will give a missed call to the system and our counsellors call them to ask the reason for he missed call. 
The beneficiary is told to give a missed call when she has delivered, so that she can start receiving voice calls that pertain to the post-natal care. She must call in the event she wishes to change the phone number  and also the time slot that she provided at the time  of her registration. She must also give a missed call if she underwent an abortion or had a still birth so that she can stop receiving the  voice calls. 


62,000 women have been successfully enrolled in the mMitra program.